Stacie Benson Linn

Airline Ground Training Instructor/UPS                    10/2008


Why did I start flying?  I owe it all to Sally Ride.  Sally is a famous female astronaut who inspired me to become a pilot.  I was15 years old.  I soloed when I was 16 and went on to obtain the rest of my ratings.  24 years later I look back and think wow how lucky am I. 


I have had the good fortune to be around some of the most remarkable people in aviation. 

1991 to 2001 I worked for Cardinal Wings Flight School on Bowman Field in Louisville KY.  During that time, I worked along side my sister Laura Benson Jones, owner of Cardinal Wings, the flight school grew to be the largest flight school in the state and among one of the best in the country.  From 2001 – 2006 I worked as the Director of Aviation for Shawnee Aviation High School in Louisville, KY.  I taught private pilot ground school, aviation history and meteorology to high school students.  Over the next 5 years, I took a struggling program and turned it into a nationally recognized college accredited program.  I taught over 486 students aviation, of which 181 became licensed pilots and went on to aviation universities and military academies. 

Inspired by a group of exceptional OBAP folks who work for UPS and volunteered at the high school.  I decided to see what else might be possible in my aviation career.  I researched UPS to see if they were a company that would inspire me, challenge me, and feed my passion for aviation and community service.  While researching, I read a quote online from UPS founder Jim Casey “The horizon is only as distant as our minds eye wishes it to be.”  That is all it took for me to want to come to UPS.  A company that is looking towards the horizon and not afraid of tomorrow.  Wow, what a great place UPS would be.  Two years later, I am currently one of the few female instructors in the flight-training center and I’m humbled by the caliber of great aviators and aviatrixes that surround me on a daily basis.  UPS is a great place to be. 


Paul Newman said some people have big ideas and big dreams and never do anything about them…then there are the folks that have the big ideas and big dreams that do.  Aviation folks dream the big dreams and never think why they can’t.  Only how they can…that is why they always say the sky is the limit!!


Today, I am active in general aviation.  I own two Citabria’s with 45 really cool guys, our motto is “we drag our tails.”  I am active with the EAA chapter 110’s Young Eagles Program- we average over 500 new young eagles each year.  I’m a member of Women in Aviation, Zonta, and the Ninety-nines.