Captain Larry Parker

Captain Larry Parker is the 747 and 727 Chief Pilot. Prior to this assignment, he has held a variety of management positions to include A300 Chief Pilot, Louisville Chief Pilot, 747 Flight Standards Manager, 747 Flight Training Manager, 747 Flight Training Supervisor. He worked with Human Resources as a Technical Interviewer for pilot hiring. He was also a 727 Fleet Supervisor. Larry has been with UPS for over seventeen years.

Prior to joining UPS in 1988, Larry flew for People Express and Continental Airlines. He also worked for Altair Airlines, a regional airline in Philadelphia, flying a variety of commuter type aircraft. Larry also held a variety of managerial positions including flight training, supervisory positions and hiring positions. Total years of experience has been 28 years.

Larry is also the founder of the OBAP/Shawnee Aviation Camp in Louisville Kentucky.