Captain Edward Horne

Captain Edward Lee Horne Jr is a native of Tacoma, WA and currently 
resides in Louisville, KY. He attended the University of Puget Sound (UPS) in Tacoma, WA after receiving an athletic/scholastic, 
4 year basketball scholarship, from 1966-1970. While at UPS Captain Horne enrolled in the 
4 year USAF ROTC program and was a member of the varsity basketball team. 
While at UPS he earned his single engine private pilot's license and was a member of Theta Chi Fraternity and the Arnold Air Society.
After graduation he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the USAF and entered pilot training at Williams AFB, Phoenix, AZ. 
Where he was trained on the T-37/T-38. Captain Horne was assigned to fly the C-130E aircraft after graduating in 1970 and 
spent six years on active duty, which included assignments to Forbes AFB in Topeka, KS and Little Rock AFB, AR. While 
on active duty he flew assignments world wide and served as an instructor pilot on the C-130E/H at Little Rock AFB.
In 1976 he was honorable discharged from the USAF and was hired as a marketing representative for IBM in the city of Little Rock, AR.
In 1978 he was hired by General Motors Air Transport Service (GMATS) where he flew the Convair 580 and the Sabre 75A for one year. 
While working for GMATS Captain Horne enrolled in the USAF Reserves at Selfridge ANG Base located near Detroit, M.In 1979, 
he was hired by TWA as a B727 flight engineer(FE) and flew for TWA for 13 years. Five of those years at TWA were spent on furlough 
and during that period he flew as an FE for Eastern Airlines on the B727. While at TWA Captain Horne also flew as a first officer 
on the MD80 and the B747-200. In 1991, he left TWA and was hired by Japan Airlines (JAL) as a B747 first officer and in 1995, 
he became the first non Japanese pilot to be promoted to captain at JAL. While at JAL Captain Horne was promoted to instructor 
and helped train new pilots at JAL for two years.
In 2001, Captain Horne was hired by UPS as a management captain on the B757/767. During his first two years at UPS he served as 
a simulator instructor and is currently an Assistant Chief Pilot on the B757/767 in Louisville, KY. During his 36 year career 
in aviation he has flown in every continent, all 50 states in the USA and accumulated over 22,000 hours of flight time. 
In 1993, he retired from the USAF Reserves as a Lt. Colonel. He has been an active member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters for 
32 years and a member of OBAP since 1979. This is his fifth year as a volunteer for the OBAP summer aviation ACE camp.